The Underwriting and Policy Services department is responsible for the coordination of policyholder and agency information, as well as initial and renewal policy issuance. All calls to RMS take place person-to-person, not person-to-machine. High, quantifiable departmental standards and regularly scheduled evaluations ensure prompt service, error-free data entry, and meticulous completion of all underwriting procedures.

Department personnel track and update information for all the member policy holders and protect the integrity of our group Self-Insured Funds and Self-Insured Employers. This is accomplished through strict underwriting standards based on Best’s Underwriting Guidelines and those set forth by our excess insurance carriers, who provide an additional layer of protection for the programs we represent.

RMS thoroughly evaluates all risks enhancing the stability and longevity of the funds they represent. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation classification codes, NCCI rules, experience ratings, and modifier promulgation.